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Published on August 12, 2014 in Share Your Story



I have a frontal lobe Meningioma. I can have it cut out, gamma knifed, or watch it. For now, I am watching it. It has become my new normal. What I thought would kill me has actually improved my quality of life. I eat better, I work out. I reevaluated my career and discovered that I wanted more from life.

My brain tumor has not defined me as a person. It has pushed me to be a better one and given me the courage to do what I have always wanted. I have enrolled in grad school at 50. Why should I stop living and wait for it to take over? If it changes, I will deal with it. I personally need to know that if I have permanent disability as a result of treatment, that I had no choice, that treatment was required.

A lot of people live with these never changing and have had them for years. I believe and live for the best. If it changes, I will fight! If it wins, I will not hate it because it has made me a better, stronger person. I now live and love with purpose, determination and gratitude.

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