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Mike’s Story

Published on August 12, 2014 in Share Your Story

Mike’s Story


What had I done wrong? Why did this happen to me?

When I was diagnosed with a brain tumor, I began to question everything. Soon I realized that none of the questions mattered, and life was always 20/20. I needed to move forward and keep my faith. This started my journey of becoming a survivor. Some people think that just the act of living day-to-day is what defines a survivor, and I certainly feel that way sometimes. However, I also believe being a survivor takes commitment to be out there for the world to see while braving everything that life throws your way.  No matter how difficult things get, I am part of a plan that God has.

I prayed for God to ground me and provide me a way to give back. I want Get Your Head In The Game® to bring awareness and, of course, bring a cure to fruition. I may not have a cure available to me, but I certainly have a lot to say about awareness and the ability to join the fight by raising funds. Get Your Head In The Game® needs to be out there and “in your face” so that even people unaffected can understand the reason behind it, and ultimately want to help. I see this as my way to be able to fuel the fire for brain tumor awareness.

There have been a lot of highs and lows on this journey of survivorship for my family and myself. I had some big dreams in life, and even though I haven’t been able to follow all of them, I believe I have done well with the new balance I have. I have been on some great trips with my family and I believe I’ve been able to cherish them even more since my diagnosis.

I think it is important for everyone to understand that each diagnosis is unique. Each case presents itself differently and should not necessarily be compared to others. My wife and I asked one of my doctors how much time we had before the tumor came back. He said, “I can give the statistics of how long someone is supposed to live, but what I can’t tell you is if someone will grow to reach what the statistics say, or if they will end up being hit by a bus first. Only God knows that.” Since then, I wake up everyday and think to myself, “I am not just another statistic!”

Opinions expressed within this story belong solely to the author and do not reflect the views or opinions of the National Brain Tumor Society.

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