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Miracles Do Happen

Published on March 22, 2016 in Share Your Story

Miracles Do Happen


In 2008, I can not forget the Day it was my 60th Birthday. I was told I had Stage 2 Breast Cancer. My primary care Doctor referred me to her brother In-Law. He was a plastic surgeon. I didn’t know any better I listen to my Doctor. To make a long Story short, he really messed me up. He opened both breast, removed the tuber and never sent it out to be tested. When I returned to him he was ready to remove my whole breast. I wondered how many other Women did he do this too. My Daughter who is a Medical Biller had made me an appointment with a Cancer Center In North Carolina. This was before I had this follow-up with this Doctor. The Cancer Doctor I saw in North Carolina, told me what needed to be done and if this Doctor who already messed me up couldn’t do it. Return to the Cancer Center in North Carolina. My Daughter took notes what needed to be done. And she took notes from the Doctor who just wanted to remove my Breast. Well I went back to the Doctor In North Carolina. It’s 2016 and Breast Cancer has not come back. In 2010 I was told I had Lung Cancer, Stage 2-3b, I received Chemo, and 35 Treatments of Rad. Some how from the Lung Cancer, a Cancer Cell went up and In 2012 they found I had brain tumors on the two front lobs of my Brain. My Brain had swelled and shifted, I was given very heavy steroids and having seizures. I have had Doctors tell me, I should not be here. How did I fight? In my mind I knew some one else had it worse than myself. I have a lot of faith, and the Love and support from my Husband, Children, Grandchildren and Family. I will place pictures later. I only wish that Cancer was this advanced years ago. I believe God has made me to be an example for others. If your not sure about a Doctor, Please! Please! get another opinion, and Please! Please! get your Yearly check up’s. I always got mine, and it saved my life.

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