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Misdiagnosed Brain Tumors First 6 Years

Published on August 12, 2014 in Share Your Story

Misdiagnosed Brain Tumors First 6 Years


My first brain tumor was found Feb. 2003, second tumor exactly 1yr. later. Feb.2004 I was told they were adenoma pituitary tumors. the specialist they sent me to see when the 2nd one was found said that I didn’t have 2 tumors, that the first one just fell over, they were growing in my brain.

I ended up in a wheelchair as my legs quit working, lost my eyesight, ended up a guinea pig. I believe I seen many doctors, 42 meds in 2007 I sought the help of this one neurosurgeon, he looked at my 2003 MRI and diagnosed my brain tumors correctly 2 days later had me in treatment I re-gained 81% of eye sight my legs, and they started calling me an honest to god true miracle, all the other patients wanted to touch me, I’m able to do my artwork again I have more brain tumors but I’m a fighter and a survivor and I want to help others like myself, all those other doctors gave me no help, no hope, I was used to experiment on. Now I have no doctor at all.

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