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My brain tumor

Published on February 19, 2020 in Share Your Story

My name is Coral, I’m 39 and have had odd symptoms a few years and in early January I finally went to the doctor.

I had X-rays that led to a stat neck MRI that led to an urgent appointment with a Neurologist. As a healthcare professional I knew I was lucky to be seen within 2 days. He ordered a stat brain MRI that showed a tumor the size of a quarter and said I needed surgery ASAP.

The appointment with the Brain Surgeon wasn’t for another week as he was out of town. I was dealing with the right arm pain, pressure on the brain numbness on my face, balance issues and a few other things that felt a little odd. I then started to have vision problems. I called a friend to take me to the emergency room as something was wrong and was admitted. I ended up with a second surgery and was hospital for 6 days.

I named my tumor Aunt Clara from bewitched!

I am still semi symptomatic but recovering. I hope these symptoms go away as I have since the surgery lost and have muffled hearing on the right side. One bridge at a time and I will beat whatever heads my way!

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