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My Brother

Published on February 19, 2020 in Share Your Story

My brother, Brian – a 46 year old avid runner, healthy man – started with headaches last year and a couple months ago was started with blurred vision.

He went in for a CT SCAN on the Friday night after Christmas of 2019. The radiologist kept him in the waiting room while he tried to contact his primary care doctor, but of course his doctor was away for the holiday. Thinking they would connect, he tells Brian to go about his business.

While running errands, Brian sees that he missed 4 calls from a private number – his doctor. He’s advised to immediately get to the hospital. Two days later he had a golf sized tumor removed from his frontal lobe. Surgeons said they removed what they could see. Pathology at that time stated it was 2-3 stage aggression, no metastasis.

A week later, Brian goes to Sloan where he was told he had stage 4 Glioblastoma.

Between this and his treatment, my brother isn’t running, but “fast walking” and he bought a Peloton. This is the guy who raised me. He’s always been older and stronger, but I want to be stronger than him now.

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