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My Family Has Been Plagued By Brain Tumors

Published on April 25, 2019 in Share Your Story

I was diagnosed with an acoustic neuroma at age 22. That was in 1977, and it was an 11-hour surgery. Supposedly they got it all. However, 40 years later an MRI showed that it had returned along with two more tutors, all are believed to be residual from the original surgery. One of the three tutors was radiated. The radiation caused cluster headaches, loss of balance and shingles. I will never have radiation again.

But sadly, my sister was diagnosed in 2004 with an astrocytoma. She died from it three years later. Every doctor I have ever spoken with claims that there is no relation to my acoustic neuroma, but my first cousin ALSO had an acoustic neuroma that resulted in brain surgery four years ago. Obviously, I feel there is a family predisposition to brain tutors.

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