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My Journey

Published on November 5, 2014 in Share Your Story

My Journey


It all started on July 27 when we went to the doctor because my left eye wasn’t following the other and wouldn’t move past the center. This has only been happening for the last few weeks. I went to Childrens Hospital off legacy to see Dr. Weekly who is an ophthalmologist. After doing a lot of different test which I did really good on but I really didn’t like he said that we needed to go get an MRI. He told my parents that it must be something intracranial. We left the office and went downstairs and they said I had to lay really still and they would be looking at pictures of the inside of my head. I had to wear little scrubs and put these bright yellow pads over my ears then they started an IV. After 2 hours they came back in and said they wanted to take a few more scans so they scanned my neck and back too. My parents sat in the room the entire time and I slept most of the time. After we finished I was starving so we went to eat at the Purple Cow. Later that afternoon my parents called me and my sister downstairs and told us that I had a brain tumor. We didn’t know much but they would give us more information.

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