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My Little Cham-Cham Still Fights for Her Life

Published on August 12, 2014 in Share Your Story

My Little Cham-Cham Still Fights for Her Life


My first daughter was diagnosed to have anaplastic medulloblastoma last April 2013. She is only 18 months old. We were all shocked for the diagnosis. Prior to that, she suffered from frequent vomiting and falls when walking. Her former doctor told that it was gastrointestinal problem but it was wrong. She undergone different operations. But the tumor is not fully removed from her brain. We waited her to recover but her tumor is becoming larger from the time it was diagnosed.

We decided to take her home. Until now, she’s fighting for it. She is a very strong girl. Her doctors told that due to her condition, she will only live for days or months but thanks God She is still with us. We are trying to get financial help for her for operation and radiotherapy because we can’t afford the expenses for that. We are still hoping and praying or her recovery. We are doing everything for her. It is very hard for me, as her mother, to see her in that condition but still my hopes and faith to God remains.

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