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My Mom’s Pain

Published on August 12, 2014 in Share Your Story

My Mom’s Pain


Hi! My name is Isabel, I live in Brazil but at the time that all happened I was living in Bethesda. Doctors diagnosed my mom with brain tumor in 2001 and said she would only have about 3 months to live. Their mistake… She had 3 years. Unfortunately she passed away in 2004 while I was about to turn 9. She left me, 2 sisters, a baby brother and my dad. But she was a real fighter! I made and sold candles (she had taught me how) at Burning Tree Elementary – when I studied there – and donated all the money to brain tumor research! A year after my mom died, my best friend Sydney Schlobohm passed away for the same reason. There has to be a cure and we’ll find it! This year, 2014, will be my 10th year without my mom and I truly hope that people donate more and more so we can find a cure and prevent kids from losing their mothers and other special people.

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