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My Son Daniel

Published on August 12, 2014 in Share Your Story

My Son Daniel


My son Daniel was 21 years old on January 7, 2010. His life was full of promise and he had just celebrated his first Christmas with his newborn son, Jaxson. He began having really bad headaches and on January 7, tumbled down some stairs when his left leg lost its feeling. An MRI confirmed something no one could have imagined. A Grade IV Glioblastoma, inoperable was what the doctors told us. Only treatment could maybe somehow prolong his life. He did radiation, chemo, Avastin. For one year life was not so bad compared to all the treatments. He found out he had tremendous family and friend.

But after January 2011 things changed. Slowly the left side of his body began to not cooperate. Then on March 22 he developed aspiration pneumonia and was put in the hospital. On March 29 in hospice care, the son I held coming into this world, I held going out. At four weeks shy of 23 years old, my son was called to heaven. Surrounded by friends and family, he could not fight any longer. Please help all of us find a cure for this horrible tragedy. We need research to find out why these children and adults are getting these tumors at an alarming rate. From a mother who has lost her son, FIND A CURE in my lifetime. Pray for all those going through this.

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