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My Walk with God

Published on February 22, 2019 in Share Your Story

I am a 3X brain tumor survivor. My first one was in 2001. It was found by accident just from a CAT Scan from a broken arm. After learning to walk and talk again from the massive tumor my life was turned upside down. I lost my family and kids and friends, all from the fear of someone with a brain tumor. Now homeless and alone God who never left me, picked me up and help me take the long walk to rebuild my life.

I had to rebuild my whole life from scratch as if I never existed. But my faith was always strong I refuse to give up. I’m a disabled Veteran only later to find out my tumor was the result of an accident while in the service. I went back to school to re-learn everything. Two more tumors removed and another one still unable to be removed. Fast forward, I am a USA Level 3 Archery Coach. I am also a Para(Disabled) Archer myself. I use the talent God gave me to help other disable Veterans with free archery lessons to help fight their PSTD and depression through archery.

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