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My Wonderful Husband

Published on February 2, 2019 in Share Your Story

April 2012,  my husband was mowing the yard and said all of a sudden his legs felt weak and he had a funny feeling. He stopped the mower and sat for a bit and then finished mowing the yard. Several days later he told me about the incident and said ever since then his head was buzzing. We went to the Dr., got a MRI and they discovered a blood spot the size of a dime and thought maybe a blood vessel had burst. We kept an eye on it and about a month later the blood had dried up and there appeared a tumor, a Glioblastoma tumor.

Went through radiation and chemo and did help some and my husband tolerated all of that pretty well but yesterday on his right side got bad. Could hardly use his right leg or right arm and his speech started to go. Soon he could not walk at all and I took him everywhere in his wheel chair. He enjoyed his rides in the car and trips through a drive-thru burger place.

He passed away on January 14, 2014 about 18 months after being diagnosed. He was the most wonderful and brave person I know. I was his caregiver and was by his side the whole time. I miss him everyday. I also pray for all who have this terrible disease and for those who care for them. I also always believe in prayer and a cure someday.

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