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National Brain Tumor Society Celebrates Brain Tumor Awareness Month With New Campaign & Activities

Published on May 5, 2015 in Press Release

Month of May to feature advocacy and social media campaigns, along with fundraising and awareness events

National Brain Tumor Society, the largest nonprofit dedicated to the brain tumor community in the United States, announced its full slate of activities for May, which is recognized nationally as Brain Tumor Awareness Month in the United States.

“Receiving a brain tumor diagnosis is a life-altering event,” said Sally Davis, Chief Executive Officer, National Brain Tumor Society. “Both non-malignant and malignant brain tumors can have devastating effects on a person’s quality of life. Further, malignant brain tumors, are often equal parts lethal cancers and neurological diseases. Yet, awareness and research funding for this vulnerable patient population is inadequate. As a leading patient advocacy organization, Brain Tumor Awareness Month is a key opportunity for NBTS to amplify the voice of the brain tumor community and build momentum toward our mission of better treatments and ultimately a cure.”

National Brain Tumor Society’s theme for Brain Tumor Awareness Month 2015 is “It’s Your Fight, It’s OUR Fight.” The organization will rally people from all over the United States to come together and raise the profile of the brain tumor community and the issues it faces. National Brain Tumor Society kicked-off its Brain Tumor Awareness Month activities with three major events:

One of the National Brain Tumor Society’s longest-running pledge walks; raised nearly $400,000 for the National Brain Tumor Society’s mission to find better treatments and ultimately a cure for brain tumors

One of the largest fundraisers in the country benefiting the brain tumor community, organized in collaboration with Accelerate Brain Cancer Cure; raised more than $2.1 million for brain tumor research

The largest brain tumor-specific advocacy event in the country – more than 200 volunteer advocates from 38 states held more than 180 meetings on Capitol Hill to speak with Congress about the needs of the brain tumor community, along with a parallel Congressional Call-In Day

Additionally, National Brain Tumor Society served as a special guest for a May 3rd community-led Twitter Chat known as #BTSM (brain tumor social media), to engage with brain tumor champions on social media and share information of Brain Tumor Awareness Month, answer questions, and detail the ways people can get involved in May.

National Brain Tumor Society led awareness activities will continue throughout the month with:

  • The #ItsYourFight crowd-sourced social and digital media campaign designed to create, catalog, share, and discuss resources, information, facts, and tips for those affected by brain tumors.
  • An advocacy campaign to encourage volunteers from the brain tumor community across the country to ask their respective governors to declare May Brain Tumor Awareness month in their state, in conjunction with the federal designation.
  • The Grey Soiree an exclusive gala event for pioneers in brain tumor research and leading philanthropists. The event is being hosted by leading brain tumor research champions and advocates, Ashley and Alan Dabbiere. This event is sold out.

National Brain Tumor Society pledge-based fundraising events in Boston, San Diego, and Saratoga Springs, NY round-out Brain Tumor Awareness Month 2015, along with a host of community-based fundraising and awareness events.

The “It’s Your Fight, It’s Our Fight” campaign in May is aimed at educating and engaging the brain tumor community through activities that can lead to broadened awareness for this disease and ultimately empower the informed to take action and help create the change needed to continue progress toward a cure for brain tumors.

National Brain Tumor Society is supported by many dedicated and generous philanthropists, including 30 major public and private organizations and foundations, whose contributions enable its research programs, public policy and advocacy initiatives, and related efforts.

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