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National Brain Tumor Society Confirms David Arons as Chief Executive Officer

Published on November 24, 2015 in Press Release

National Brain Tumor Society (NBTS), the largest nonprofit dedicated to the brain tumor community in the United States, today announced that David Arons, JD, has been officially named and appointed chief executive officer. Mr. Arons had been serving in an interim CEO role since July 2015.

“National Brain Tumor Society has a great and unique responsibility to our constituents; and we firmly believe that David has the deep skills and experience necessary to meet that obligation,” said Michael Nathanson, Chairman, National Brain Tumor Society Board of Directors. “David’s extensive work and experience in the field of cancer research, combined with his unparalleled track record as a healthcare advocate, are only bolstered by his many years of direct experience leading the fight against brain tumors while at the National Brain Tumor Society.”

As the full-time chief executive officer, Mr. Arons will be responsible for ensuring alignment with NBTS’ vision and strategic plan, as well as growth targets. In particular, Mr. Arons will oversee the organization’s fundraising, internal and external operations, and programmatic initiatives, with an acute focus on mission delivery.

“The status quo in brain tumors is totally unacceptable,” said Mr. Arons. “As a community we need to be even more demanding for new and effective treatments, and ultimately cures, for both adults and children with brain tumors. Moving forward, NBTS will remain laser focused on advancing research and our objective to make malignant brain tumors a chronic manageable disease in ten years. Through research grants, public policy advocacy, convening stakeholders and by empowering the patient and caregiver communities we can both advance and improve brain tumor research in ways that will lead to the kind of substantial progress that our community deserves. Additionally, NBTS wants to make it clear to the brain tumor community that we are their Society, and we invite all to join us in pursuit of a cure.”

Prior to being appointed as the interim CEO this past summer, Mr. Arons had served as chief public policy and Advocacy officer at the National Brain Tumor Society since 2011.

Before his work at NBTS, he served as director of government relations for the American Cancer Society in Minnesota. He is the author of several books, including Power in Policy: A Funder’s Guide to Advocacy and Civic Participation, Strengthening Nonprofit Advocacy, and A Voice for Nonprofits. He also serves as Chair of the National Cancer Institute’s Council of Research Advocates and is a member of the NCI’s Clinical Trials Advisory Committee.

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