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National Brain Tumor Society Statement on Senator John McCain’s Brain Cancer Diagnosis

Published on July 20, 2017 in Press Release

National Brain Tumor Society Chief Executive Officer, David F. Arons, JD, this evening released the following statement following news of Senator John McCain’s diagnosis with a glioblastoma brain tumor:

“National Brain Tumor Society would like to offer our thoughts, well wishes, and support to Senator John McCain and his entire family.

Senator McCain is a true American hero, and we know he will face his brain cancer diagnosis and treatment with the same grace, strength and resolve he has demonstrated throughout his life. 

NBTS is uniquely familiar with realities that confront an individual diagnosed with a brain tumor, as well as the impact it has on families and caregivers. As such, we stand ready to offer the Senator and his family resources, information and guidance on treatment modalities and cutting edge research if desired as they navigate this challenging journey. Our website is a hub of information at the ready including our clinical trials finder

It is important for all brain tumor patients and caregivers to know that they are not alone, and that the National Brain Tumor Society, and indeed the entire brain tumor community across the country, is a vibrant and caring group who support one-another.

Senator McCain, his family, and his staff have an entire community of patients, survivors, and advocates, including National Brain Tumor Society, pulling for his speedy recovery and return to service in the U.S. Senate.”


To learn more about glioblastoma, and our efforts to combat this disease, please visit: 

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