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On the Run and Living

Published on October 23, 2014 in Share Your Story

On the Run and Living


I was diagnosed with a meningioma in April of 2012. I immediately contacted University of Penn Hospital in Philadelphia for a consult. I was told by Penn Neurosurgery that I had two options: have it taken out or die.

Time was of the essence. Thereafter, my surgery was scheduled two weeks later at University of Penn. I needed time to prepare physically and mentally as I lived two hours from the hospital. I had my first surgery, which was 9 hours (bleeding during surgery) on May 18, Friday of 2012 . I was discharged Monday, May 21. Thereafter, began to feel tired, dizzy, had loss of hearing from my left ear, and seeing double.

I had a spinal fluid leak.

I was hospitalized at Penn with a lumbar drain in my back for a week, then sent home (sometimes they heal themselves). This did not work, so I returned to University of Penn Hospital the end of June 2012 for another craniotomy to repair the leak. They went in the same place as the first surgery, and it was successful!! Penn Hospital has the best nursing staff ever!! I have lost 50 pounds since and began running. I love my life 🙂

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