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What do Patients have in Common?

Published on August 22, 2018 in Share Your Story

Twenty two months ago, my husband died from a glioblastoma. He was diagnosed October 22, 2014. In the two years before his passing he enjoyed a good quality of life, playing golf and other activities. He was treated with usual protocol of radiation, 2 surgeries, Temodor, and eventually Avastin. I pursued clinical trials for him, but was only given one opportunity from UCSF to present our case. Over and over when GBM is spoken of you hear “rare,” and “aggressive.” How “rare” really is GBM? Not that it makes a difference to me now. I more often question what is the common denominator? I was taken aback to learn that John McCain and my husband both served on the USS Oriskany. How many others on that carrier? Is there a common thread with Beau Biden, and Ted Kennedy? All of this is a moot point for me because my husband is gone, but I would not wish this sentence on anyone else. I am still angry at GBM.

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