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Peggy’s Continuing Journey

Published on September 23, 2015 in Share Your Story

Peggy’s Continuing Journey


After dating my wife Peggy for 5 years we married in November 2000. Almost a year to the day, Peggy was diagnosed after an E.R. visit due to extreme headaches. 1st surgery occurred in December of 2001. The result was only partial removal. The follow up to the surgery was chemo and 6 weeks of radiation. A second surgery occurred in December of 2002 related to fears of changes found in an MRI. Again, result was partial removal.

After almost 15 years of annual MRI’s and LOTS of stress every time we went to the doctor to get results of those MRI’s we were told in January of 2015 there was no need to continue with annual MRI’s unless Peggy started having problems. There have been no changes in any of the MRI’s and her doctor released her with a clean bill of health, with the exception of the memory problems she has started to experience she is in great health.

Peggy started karate 6 years ago and was awarded her black belt in November of 2014. As a spouse/caregiver it can be difficult to get through the tough times that a diagnosis of this type will for sure bring. Having said that, there is always hope.

When this journey of ours began there were some very dark days filled with lots of fear, but the farther we moved away from that dreadful day the easier it became. My love of 20 years and my wife of 15 is a great example of why to always look forward and to NEVER give up hope.

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