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I of all people should have known better

Published on June 18, 2016 in Share Your Story

Let me start by saying I should have known better.
I worked in the radiation therapy field at the time and had several years experience.

OK having said that here we go.
In May of 2012 I had a very bad head ache had , had it for four days.
On the evening of the forth day I asked my Son to run me up to my doctor so I could see if she could take a look at me.
When I got to the doctors office the lady at the front desk said my doctor was booked up right then but asked me what was wrong.
I explained that I had a migraine and had , had for four days.

At that point she called the PA up to take a look .
After his exam he said he thought I may be having a stroke.
I was rushed to a large hospital in Lansing Mi which has a great nuero program.
They spotted a 6 cm tumor and I was prepped for surgery .
Surgery went well , I lived.
Recovery was going well until the morning I woke up blind.
In that single moment my life was totally changed.
At that time I was a field engineer maintaining high end digital imaging systems in the Oncology field.
Having lost my sight would cost me my job.
You know what though .
I adapted .
While I no longer work and the state of Michigan has made it clear I will not be getting a drivers license I am OK.
I would be lying if I said these things do not bother me.
I would dance in the street to see again.
In life however we play the cards were dealt.
At the end of the day it comes down to this .
I am still alive.
The main thing I tell people about my situation is this.
If you have a migraine don’t wait four days before seeing a doctor.

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