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Walking through the avalanche – Battle of a Cancer Caregiver

Published on July 17, 2019 in Share Your Story

Walking through the Avalanche – battle hymn of a cancer caregiver

I am walking through this avalanche
Uphill slopes – scary and slippery
Alone, tired, shivering and wary
Such a back-breaking load to carry

I wonder, when will the next blizzard be
What’s around the corner, dark, I can’t see
Long, lonely future? So hard to foresee
Thank god, I hear your footsteps walking towards me

So starved for company, love and care
My heart lights up – will you squelch my hunger?
I meet your eyes, gazing at me – such a pitiful gaze
I cringe, shrink, I shiver even more.

Cliched sentiments come pouring out
Patronizing and pitying…

I understand your pain, you say,
But how could you? Have you walked a mile in my shoes?
Things will be just alright, you say,
But how do you know? Can you foretell my future?

I don’t know why these things happen to you
So sorry, the universe is so cruel to you
Should do flaxseed oil, turmeric and beetroot juice
Should do meditation, massage, prayers for GBM cure

Cliched advices come pouring out
Unwanted, pitiful and insensitive

My shocked, sad gaze fixes on you
But you take no notice!
I hear my heart, angry, crying
Its echoes booming inside my head, hurting

It is not you pity that I need
Not the bountiful advice – no indeed
All I want from you is to silently hold my hand
As I walk through the avalanche, my dear friend

— Geetha Arun

Opinions expressed within this story belong solely to the author and do not reflect the views or opinions of the National Brain Tumor Society.

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