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Positive Mental Attitude

Published on October 23, 2014 in Share Your Story

Positive Mental Attitude


Aloha and welcome my story. I wanted to talk/write with you a bit about PMA – Positive Mental Attitude, and making a difference. First, the simple fact you’re in interested/involved with/in the Race for Hope is making a difference! Thank you! You may be wondering how that’s true, especially if you’re not actually “running” the race – well; 1) You’re raising awareness 2) You don’t have to run the 5K! I’m not sure I will and I love to run! I’m looking at more of a walk/run method. No reason you can’t either. Walk the 5K. Run the 5K. Do some other combo. Sleep-in wherever you happen to be and just think – hey, these folks are running right now! Good on ’em! And of course, donations are always welcome! Whatever you do, helps us make a difference! 3) YOU make the difference is the success of this team and of the Race.

By joining a team and/or the Race, as a walker, runner, run/walker, walk/runner, virtual member (why not participate from across the globe?!), a sleep-inner, whatever, you help! We’d love to see you out there with us, but totally understand other commitments. I’d like to give you a bit of background on the why I’m running this race. The shortest, most direct answer is that I have a brain tumor – technically, I actually have more than one, or one that just has spread a bit much. In any event, there’s a tumor growing in there and we want it a) to stop growing and b) to be gone! In 2010 I was diagnosed with my first tumor. Surgery, chemo, radiation all followed and I was feeling much, much better. Our good friends started Burgstein’s Brain Troopers as part of Race for Hope to help raise awareness and funds for research to combat brain tumors shortly thereafter. I wasn’t able to run in that race but have run the races (based in DC) since.

From 2010-12013 things were going well. We had a few moves and then PCSed to Hawaii. In November, I was selected to go to Osan, AB Korea and I was once again medically reviewed for a move. This time, the docs found that the tumor was coming back – and aggressively. They decided to watch it. So, we watched and waited. Flash-forward to May and the Army oncologist basically saying, “we want/need to get you back to the mainland.” So, here we are! Now, we’re living in NJ and getting seen at Hopkins once a month. Things are going well and on 2 Nov we’ll run our first Philadelphia-based Race for Hope! A “new” aspect, or perhaps a previous aspect/attitude by a new acronym,, this year is my new mantra of PMA. I’m in the Air Force, so of course, acronyms are a must! PMA equals Positive Mental Attitude.

With PMA, we can overcome just about anything. We can make it through this – we, and I do mean WE, because PMA depends on the power and energy of everyone (sort of like the Force – see, it all comes back to Star Wars!) to help make and keep us strong. Please join us for the Race and to lend us some of your PMA!

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