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Pray Until Something Happens, PUSH!

Published on August 12, 2014 in Share Your Story

Pray Until Something Happens, PUSH!


Here is a poem I wrote when I was about 16, the most difficult part of dealing with my tumor, the aftermath of radiation!

Sometimes I wonder how I’m still here

My whole life had changed, just in a year

Being a victim of disease is not like one of crime

You feel it’s your fault, but is it a sign?

Is it God trying to tell you you’re living life wrong?

Or is it a test to prove that you’re strong?

It’s like a curse, you can never get away

No matter how hard you try, not even for a day Sometimes I wonder, is there something I’ll gain?

Did God give me a gift, was His gift the pain?

The pain was a struggle, but the struggle made me strong

Though four years of pain for a kid, is four years too long I felts as if I was at the end of my rope

Then God gave me another gift, this gift was called hope

Hope wakes me up in the morning, and puts me to sleep at night

When life feels so wrong, hope helps me feel right

It keeps me smiling and takes away me tears I now know that God’s hope is the reason I’m still here My story I was twelve when I went blind in my left eye and grew 7 inches in 3 months, yeah it hurt A LOT! They found a tumor in my pituitary gland which secreted a growth hormone and pressed on my optic nerve. The medical term for this is Acromegaly. The week after they discovered the tumor I was in BC children’s hospital in Vancouver getting surgery. They could not get it all since it was wrapped around my artery but I did manage to get my 20/20 vision back. I then had radiation leaving me with super thin hair and horrible migraines. I have had a constant head ache for the past 6 years that often escalates to migraines. After having to redo a year of high school do to excessive absences from being in the hospital I got into one of the top private colleges in Northern California. I know God and my doctors are to thank for my success, even though my head aches are difficult to deal with I will pray until something happens and achieve all my goals and conquer my illness and the little chunk of tumor that’s still just chillin in my brain!

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