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Pregnant with a Brain Tumor

Published on June 8, 2019 in Share Your Story

Hello, my name is Katherine Thompson. In 2017 I was 6 months pregnant with my second son Landon when I began to experience almost complete vision loss in my left eye. A few doctors later and I was finally ordered an MRI that revealed a golf ball size benign brain tumor basically smashing my left optic nerve. My surgeon decided to postpone surgery til after my delivery.

I would not have agreed to a surgery while pregnant, either way. The tumor was revoved September 25, 2017. Today is June 4, 2019 almost two years later and im still struggling to recover completely. I developed chronic post craniotomy nerve pain. its constant and daily. My skin burns and my muscles affected by the craniotomy deeply ache, I often feel like nobody understands fully how I feel.

I also am now completely blind in my left eye. But although I have had my ups and downs and had no idea my recovery would take so long, I have every faith in God I will someday live a day without pain. I needed the surgery to save my vision so I would do it all over again. I thank God everyday that I can see my two boys beautiful faces.

My husband has been my rock and my comfort. To those out there stuggling to feel normal again, keep your head up, be strong, live like tomorrow may never come, Love like you never have before! YOU ARE ALIVE! Claim it, be thankful!

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