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Ricardo’s vs. the Mertz’s

Published on August 12, 2014 in Share Your Story

Ricardo’s vs. the Mertz’s


In 1999, I was diagnosed with not one, but two brain tumors. In order for me to deal with this as a single mother of 3 and a grand-baby on the way, I choose to laugh instead of crying (I did have many days of crying) by naming my tumors and facing them head on (no pun intended). So I used my favorite TV show I Love Lucy – every time I think of my tumors I would smile. Lucy was the tumor one the right side, the biggest, and Ethel the quiet one on the left side. Then came along Fred, another tumor on the right, and Little Ricky, a brain aneurysm. I look at the tumors and the aneurysm as a way for me to help others learn that the only way to get through this world is to smile and God will shine down on you. So when you watch I Love Lucy, remember me and I hope I can make you smile. If not, maybe Lucy, Ethel, Little Ricky, or Fred can.

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