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Right frontal lobe brain tumor

Published on March 25, 2016 in Share Your Story

Right frontal lobe brain tumor


After 3 months of excruciating headaches I finally got ion to see my Primary Care Physician. I was sent to a local radiology office for a CT scan. The Radiologist saw a spot he felt needed to get a better look at, so he did an MRI as well. I returned to my PCP for the results to find out I had a brain tumor. I was referred to a local Neurologist and admitted to the local hospital. Once the Neurologist looked at my MRI, he said he couldn’t do anything for me because my tumor was in my right lobe but had “branches” extending into the left lobe. If I wanted a second opinion, I should go to Duke or Emory. since my parents lived in Atlanta, my dad drove me back home with him. 3 days later I was admitted into Emory University’s Crawford Long hospital to remove the tumor from the right frontal lobe. The Neurologist at Emory didn’t give me an option. He said 38 is too young to die of a brain tumor. He removed the tumor, which was the size of a baseball. Once I recovered enough to get in and out of a wheelchair, I underwent 66 treatments of radiation therapy to zap the branches, followed up with a year of Chemotherapy in pill form and I’m still in physical therapy to get the function in my left side back to full function, but I’m now cancer free and I’m recovering function so I can return to driving and working in the near future.

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