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Rise and shine!

Published on August 12, 2014 in Share Your Story

Rise and shine!

Maria Victoria

It’s been ten years now since I was diagnosed with a brain tumor. I was on my way to the airport to pick-up my daughter from her senior trip abroad, when I suffered a seizure in the car. I remember lying in bed at the hospital, with no idea what was going on, when the neurologist walked in and broke the news I had suffered a seizure because I had a brain tumor and was in need of immediate surgery. While I was listening to every detail, I prayed that he and the nurses would do their best, and that God would help and guide them to do whatever was right. I felt all my fears were gone and just left everything to God. The operation lasted for about 14 hours.

The official diagnosis was that I had Meningioma of the brain, but the bright side was that it was benign. Dr. Samuel Biggers, my amazing surgeon, removed 95% of the tumor, and the remaining 5% would be removed through Gamma Knife Radiation therapy a few months after the surgery. I stayed at the hospital for about a week and was supported by good people all over the world. I never knew I had angels around praying for me. They taught me to have faith, hope and love. I don’t think I would be able to pull through from my ordeal without them. Prayer is a powerful way of embracing life and humanity. I experienced the pain and magic of God’s blessings. After going through this and the lessons I’ve learned from that experience, I am participating in this walk to help improve the lives of all afflicted by brain tumors. The funds raised here will help medical research and support families that are struggling to cope with this debilitating disease. I have joined the movement to bring the issues of brain tumors to the forefront. I know progress is being made, but there is more to be done. Please support my effort. Rise and Shine. Maria Victoria A. Armada, Brain Tumor Survivor

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