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Savannah in the rough

Published on February 4, 2015 in Share Your Story

Savannah in the rough


When I was 9 in 2009 I had a brain tumor, I was very scared at the time. I didn’t really know what a surgery was so I wasn’t aware. We went in to have my surgery, I was not sure what to do. I went into my surgery not knowing what was going to happen and I woke up four days later after I was in a coma. I got out seven days early, they said that was a miracle. when I was in the hospital and I had woke up from my coma that was 4 days long I looked in the mirror which I was not supposed to do because my face was all bruised and hurt. I started to cry I went back to bed that is there, my face look like I was in a car accident. My surgery was on July 7th 2009. I went to OHSU hospital and or Portland Oregon. I had the best surgeon that I could ever imagine. It is outstanding job and he is the reason that I’m alive today. I still remember when I was in the hospital and all my dad would call him was God. He is my god. The cool thing about my surgery was that my surgeon is a surgeon teacher is so that he was creating a new type of surgery. He asked me if I was willing to be a what you would call the victim in one of his new surgeries. I said yes. It was a great experience. I was the last person that he needed to have so that he could publish the surgery. What he did was he I guess you could say peeled off my face down to my nose to remove the tumor instead of going up my nose. He said it was less risky and less damage. Thank God it worked. He finally got to publish his surgery and show the world what his abilities were. The reason they found my tumor was my grandma had saw that my eye was twitching. I had a lazy eye. We went to many in the right places and none of them saw anything. Finally when we went up to Portland they found it. An hour later when we found out it was a very sad day. I’m glad it all worked out though. 🙂 I feel like it has made myself a better person and that I am glad that all this happened because without this I would not be where I am today and I wouldn’t be the same person. I am Who I am because of what has happened to me and what I’ve gone through I wouldn’t be as strong as I am today without all this happening. 🙂 thank you for reading

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