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Sharpe-NBTS Brain Cancer Research Awards Provide $175,000 for Cutting-edge Studies Aimed at Developing New and Better Treatments

Published on July 26, 2018 in Press Release

National Brain Tumor Society (NBTS) announced the 2018 Sharpe/NBTS Brain Cancer Research Awards program is distributing $175,000 to fund cutting-edge brain cancer studies at three leading scientific laboratories across the United States.

These awards are funded through the generosity of 40-month glioblastoma survivor Bob Sharpe, and his “Today is a Good Day Foundation.” Sharpe partnered with NBTS to help raise funds for glioblastoma (GBM) research projects that have the potential to provide better treatments for individuals with brain cancer and can quickly move to clinical trial phases. Sharpe’s on-going fundraising efforts are supported by his wife Deborah and his family and friends through events such as the National Brain Tumor Society’s  Phoenix Brain Tumor Walk and the Rancho Sahuarita Cancer Walk, raising over $750,000 over the last 30 months, nearly half a million of which has already been distributed to promising research efforts around the country.

Mr. Sharpe stated, “After my diagnosis in March, 2015, I took the approach of hoping for the best, planning for the worst, and taking daily actions to improve my health through conventional and complementary treatments, diet, exercise, and eliminating stress. I realized that I had everything to gain by purposely spending the remaining moments of every day of my life having an optimistic, positive and grateful attitude, and trying to help other brain cancer sufferers less fortunate than me.”

Sharpe continued, “Although I recently had an MRI that showed a recurrence of my brain tumor, I’m still feeling very fortunate to have survived long enough to spend more time with my loving wife Deborah, my son Jeremy, and caring family and friends, and also to be able to help other people with brain cancer. I have personally talked to over 50 glioblastoma patients during the last two years in order to share advice and guidance, as well as give them hope for better treatments on the way. It is very rewarding for me to devote whatever time I may have left to funding highly-promising research that could eventually help my new brain cancer friends live longer.”

“By partnering with NBTS to direct our funds to groundbreaking research, I’m hoping to inspire world-class neuro-oncology researchers to generate new and exciting ideas and projects aimed at improving treatment options for glioblastoma patients. Based on the research that we are currently funding, I’m optimistic that we can make an impact now that will contribute to prolonged survival.”

The Sharpe/NBTS Brain Cancer Research Awardees were selected on a competitive basis, following the National Brain Tumor Society’s rigorous peer-review process that engaged its Scientific Advisory Council. Applicants were scored based on their scientific merit, relevance to advancing novel therapeutic approaches for adult glioblastoma, and their likelihood to expedite clinical research and ultimately care.  Individual awards were granted in the amounts of $100,000 for the highest scoring proposal, $50,000 for the second-leading application, and $25,000 for the third-highest scoring submission.

The 2018 Sharpe/NBTS Brain Cancer Research Awards winners are:

  • At the $100,000-level: Drs. Susan Chang, Joseph Costello, and Radhika Mathur at the University of California, San Francisco.
    • Project Title: “A 3-Dimensional Approach to Selecting Precision Combination Therapy”
  • At the $50,000-level: Ingo Mellinghoff at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center
    • Project Title: “Developing CDK4 Inhibitors for Glioma Therapy”
  • At the $25,000-level: Paul Mischel (Principle Investigator) of Ludwig Cancer Research, Tim Cloughesy (UCLA), David Nathanson (UCLA), and Mellinghoff
    • Project Title: “Testing a Pharmacological Inhibitor of Plasma Membrane Organization for the Treatment of Glioblastoma Patients”

Mr. Sharpe concluded by saying, “Thanks to the generosity of my loving family and friends, we have raised awareness about GBM and funds to support research to combat these aggressive tumors. My dear friends at NBTS are the perfect partners. Their integrity, expertise and proven scientific evaluation process have identified extremely promising research opportunities. My mission with the NBTS, which is ensuring that the funds we’ve worked so hard to raise will be directed to the right researchers and projects, has inspired me to stay positive about today, be optimistic about tomorrow, and to devote my remaining days to helping others afflicted with brain cancer.”

National Brain Tumor Society Chief Executive Officer, David Arons, made the following statement about the 2018 awards:

“Bob’s vision, dedication and generosity to advancing brain tumor research and helping patients is inspiring.  NBTS is partnering with Bob because of a shared mission to conquer and ultimately cure malignant brain tumors.  In a relatively short timeframe of a couple of years, we have provided crucial financial support to 17 amazing research efforts that will significantly improve our understanding of glioblastoma tumors and potentially lead directly to new treatment strategies that can be tested in the clinic to help patients.”

To learn more about the Sharpe Awards and lend support, visit, and to learn more about National Brain Tumor Society, including all of our efforts to find new treatments and cure, visit

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