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Shera’s Fight

Published on July 17, 2019 in Share Your Story

My beautiful 12 year old daughter was diagnosed with Glioblastoma Grade 4 just a few weeks after her 12th Birthday. From the day of her diagnosis to when she gained her wings is 6 months!!

This horrible disease took everything away from Shera including our family. She had a brain stem tumor that affected her mobility and her swallowing. She caught pneumonia which affected her swallowing, she lost the mobility on her left side, which made her stagger, trip and at times fall. She could not squeeze her hand that tight, or move her arm. She would use her right hand to lift her left arm. She was in so much pain. She also had alot of headaches.

My beautiful princess is a fighter, a hero, and the strongest person I know. She always kept a smile on her, she is very kind, a loving person. She loved animals, love to sing, loves her brothers. We never dreamed that any of our children would have cancer, this disease does not choose. It can affect anyone!!

Let’s fight for our children, our families that have been affected by this disease!! I miss my beautiful daughter everyday, it doesn’t get easier. Let’s fight for Shera!! 

— Zillah Williams

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