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I sing to raise funds to find a cure for brain tumors

Published on June 1, 2017 in Share Your Story

Twelve years ago I was diagnosed with GBM. I survived neurosurgery, radiation, and 14 months of chemo treatments and today I am retired but very active spending my time to make the world a better place. I retired from a career in public service and non-profit administration, and use my talents to raise awareness and funds to cure brain tumors. I joined a choral group, Sing for America, that allows its members to sing to raise funds for their charity. I chose the National Brain Tumor Society because I want more people to experience survival from GBM, the deadliest form of brain tumor. I raised $1200 from friends and colleagues and given our federal administration’s proposed budget cuts to research, I wish I had raised more. I will sing again next year to do just that. I am grateful for every day that I am alive and well.

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