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My Sister, My Hero

Published on May 3, 2017 in Share Your Story

Ever since my sister was born I loved her more than anything. So to find out my sister had a brain tumor devastated me and my family. I will never forget the day my sister got the phone call and they said that she had a tumor. My dad and sister immediately went to the hospital to talk to the doctor and I waited for my mom to get home so we could meet them there. Immediately they got her scheduled with the most amazing neurosurgeon and we met with him the next day. A week later she went in for surgery and I was so scared I was going to lose my sister. It was so scary for all of us.

Then after the surgery we found out it was a malignant tumor and she needed chemotherapy and radiation. I quit my job so I could help my parents by taking her to chemo appointments as well as doctor appointments. I wouldn’t have had it any other way. Watching my sister go through everything she went through with a smile on her face was such an inspiration. I have never met someone as strong as she is. I am so lucky to have her still with me. Even though it was a long few months and a long year of recovery we had some of the BEST times together! She may be my little sister but I admire her and look up to her more than any other person! Finding a cure for brain cancer is something that I will continue to be passionate about!

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