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My sisters fight against Brain Cancer

Published on October 28, 2016 in Share Your Story

My name is Heidi, my sister Natalie was diagnosed with brain cancer a little over two years ago. When we got the news we didn’t want to believe it, naturally we questioned the Drs, second opinions etc. We finally had to accept it, but more so Natalie had to. She is 34, a mother of two beautiful daughters , a wife, a sister, a friend and so much more. My sister hasn’t always had the easy life. It seemed as she always got the shitty stick in life, but always got through and always stayed positive and kept smiling. My sister is a fighter. When the Drs give bad need she says It’s gonna be ok, what can I do to fix it.She has been through many rounds of chemo, radiation, lost one kidney, heart surgery, etc
Recently her scan came back even worse. The Drs told us over time she would get worse. My sister has GBM and is terminal and her tumor is inoperable. So she took the news better then us. There isn’t that much more they can do. They offered stronger chemo that may or may not work and could possibly kill her. It was that or choose to live her life and make Mem and be happy and enjoy the time she has with the help of hospice and us. Natalie decided she no longer wants to spend her days in the hospital and missing out on so much. So we had the intake with hospice. As her sister I support whatever makes her happy. I support that she wants to make a bucket list and make life long memories. The Drs give her about a year to live . Slowly things aee progressing. She has lost vision in her right eye , Shea on her oxegyn more, losing more and more weight. Seeinf my big sister slip away and on her bad days it’s even harder. But still she smiles. She says she’s not scared to die Shea just scared of leaving us.
So we have been just enjoying the good days and trying to make her dreams come true. Trying to find ways to raise money has been hard. Most of these online sites take such a huge chunk of the profits.
So I just wanted to share my sisters story. She’s my hero. She’s so inspiring. We lost our mom 3 years ago to a massive asthma attack unexpected. Life just seemed to go downhill after that. Though Natalie has been through so much she still has hope. She has actual hope that a miracle can happen and if not she says our mom will be right there when she passes. I know my sister can be an inspiration to many and I wish I could find a way to share her story in other ways or have her speak to others. Thank you all for reading. Please keep her in ur prayers. We did set up a booster page under Team Natalie.

Thank you all,

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