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My sisters keeper

Published on May 15, 2018 in Share Your Story

This is a cause that for me that has hit close to home and the heart. My sister Marilyn was complaining of severe headaches for about a week at the end of July. She assumed it was because she needed a new prescription for her eyeglasses. On August 1st, she fainted in a public park and had no recollection of how she arrived there in the first place, but instead of bystanders helping her, what they did was rob her of her belongings. Fortunately she had 10$ stashed in a pocket and disoriented was still able to make her way home, where my mother rushed her to the ER. The cat scan done showed a pretty large tumor.

She was transferred to Rutgers trauma unit immediately. On August 3rd she had her first surgery which was to do a biopsy on the tumor. 3 days later we got the news that she was diagnosed with stage 4 Glioblastoma (Brain Cancer). A cancer according to research that has a usual life expectancy of only 18 months. It’s been a long, tedious, and hard fight. However, With all she’s been through…2 brain surgeries, chemo, radiation, and the recent nova cure optune cap therapy she has gone through all these draining treatments with a new look on life and a smile on her face. And all thanks to family and close friends that have given her hope and by their kind acts and gestures have shown her that SHE IS NOT ALONE!!

Please walk with us and show your support. I love to make my sister smile and what better way to accomplish this than to see others who support her fight and her efforts by standing beside her for one day.

Let’s keep up the fight to bring awareness!!!!!

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