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Somethings Missing

Published on October 21, 2019 in Share Your Story

My husband was diagnosed with a mass October 30th, 2017. He had brain surgery November 3rd, 2017.

He recovered well. He went to through 6 weeks of chemo and radiation and decided to get really healthy to try to fight this demon inside of him.

Fast forward to March 2018. My husband felt good, looked great, he was about to be fitted for Optune. My husband wore the Optune until September.

In May and June he had been complaining of right arm pain. He and the doctors all brushed it off as tennis elbow, or a pinched nerve. Our health insurance had been cancelled for some technical glitch. We should have seen a specialist and we had to cancel all of the appointments for that month. We got insurance again and he continued just wanting to live life, trying to minimize the amount of times we had to go to the doctors.

In August it became apparent that something wasn’t right. My husband is having a hard time moving his neck from side to side and he now had a rash on the area where the pain began. He was told he had shingles. 

The pain was getting worse. We decided to go their ER and demand an MRI of the head, neck, upper lumbar and lower lumbar. The MRI took 5 hours. All while in excruciating pain he stood still and got through it all. When the doctors received the results, it wasn’t good. The cancer had spread to his spine. He had about 3-4 tumors throughout his spine. We started radiation immediately.

There are so many bumps in the road. We need to find a cure.

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