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Stage 1 Meninginoma

Published on August 12, 2014 in Share Your Story

Stage 1 Meninginoma

Haskell Vaughn

This past June of 2013 after completing an Off-Broadway Play and a feature film I was diagnosed with Stage 1 Meningioma after an MRI. My wife, very diligently, noticed personality changes, inability to maintain balancing, walking, conversation, etc. insisted that we consult my physician. There were noticeable problems with memorization of my lines, changes in the severity of my physical workouts and general relationships. No question there was a change in our relationship and thoughts of me suffering from early Dementia. Convincing me that it was time to see the MD he scheduled an MRI and the Radiologist discovered the mass on my brain. At Cedars-Sinai Hospital it was confirmed after surgery that the Meningioma was the size of a small orange and a week later it was determined to be benign. 6 months have passed and I’m 100% improved in all areas. In July of this year I will have another MRI to determine what my status is and we expect more than excellent results. It was my wife who was the most vigilant and observant and the one next to our Neurosurgeons, our Physician who is the most responsible for not allowing this event to be worse.

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