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Stage II Intermediate Glioma Astocytoma

Published on September 11, 2018 in Share Your Story

On September 11, 2018 at 0730 hrs, I was contacted by my primary doctor. He informed me that I was to see a neuro-oncologist at Texas Oncology. At this point, I can not overstate how speechless I was to hear that I had a brain tumor and just kept thinking to myself, “why is this happening to me”. In that moment my wife and I cried together as we did not know what to think. Based on the MRI, the Neuro oncologist told me my brain tumor was almost 2.5 inches. I did not find out what the grade or severity was until after the first surgery. After the results came back from the 10% removal/biopsy, they determined that I have a Type II Intermediate Glioma Astrocytoma and that it would be non-aggressive compared to other types, but that it wasn’t, in worse case scenario the most aggressive cancer type. When I found this out, there was a slight relief moment in which I felt hopeful. I then found out I would be undergoing a second surgery and was not too happy considering my head hurt and I had edema buildup at the surgical site.

This process has been so long and is not ending quick enough so that I can live my life and not worry about things such as nausea at sporadic moments. I am spending as much time as I possibly can with loved ones, because ultimately, that’s what things do to you when you realize….. time is never guaranteed. My eyes were opened that I was taking time and life for granted and it is sad when it takes things like this to make you realize ‘I must not be spending enough time with those I love and doing things I love doing (in my case, I love to sing and learn instruments)’. I have since, undergone the second surgery and they removed 90% percent of what was left and I am now undergoing chemotherapy (Temodar, oral) seven days a week, and Radiation M-F early in the morning.

I hope the effects are not as prominent as they make it seem on television. I was told that Temodar may cause nausea and possible fertility problems among other symptoms. I will be going on to week 2 this upcoming Wednesday, one can only hope that the days are in 5 day increments rather than calendar weeks. I will leave it at this, for now…. I will be a survivor after fighting 24/7 and building faith to make it through this so that I can finally enjoy life to its fullest. It is never okay to give up on life, and who knows, maybe a miracle may happen even if the worst news is given. I refuse to give up and have made important life style changes such as the things I consume and I work out to keep in shape to improve the overall odds!

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