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My story as me Frances

Published on October 20, 2016 in Share Your Story

I found out I had a brain tumor in August 2016. I had been having some episodes that I wasn’t sure what it wEre. Then it advanced to a full-blown seizure. I went to my doctor the next day after the seizure that had busted face and mouth gets the kitchen countertop. My primary care doctor immediately ordered an MRI which confirmed his fears that I indeed had some type of brain tumor.

I live in a rule community in Louisiana where the healthcare is it least an hour and a half from me. He wanted me to see A neurologist in that area but being as for as I was from there my son living in Houston wanted me to come here to see a neurologist. I was very fortunate a week later I was sitting in the doctors office. He came in and went over the MRI with me and asked me to sit steel while he went out and talk to the neurosurgeon my fears went from 0 to 100 at that moment.

I didn’t see Dr. dong Kim, the chief of the Mischer science center, Memorial Herman and Texas medical. But he walked in he hugged me so tight and kiss me on my cheek and I knew then I was in good hands He didn’t tell me that I was going to have to have brain surgery. He did his best to reassure me that I would be OK . I then was scheduled for a craniotomy on October 5 2016. I had 3 neurosurgeons, 3 anesthesiologists and 6 nurses that were in the OR with me. For some reason I was in denial any of that was happening to me. I have never been treated so good as I was in memorial Hermann Hospital through out my stay. I stayed the tower that was designated just for brain surgery brain injury and stroke patients. I received Quality care and having the chief of neurosurgeon for 3 places was great.

I’m still in Houston where my son lives but going to see Dr. Dong Kim tomorrow and hopefully get to travel back home to Louisiana this week. It’s been a very painful journey this far but each day gets better. I still am in some denial it just doesn’t seem like this is happening to me. I have a great support system from my family and lots of friends. Even though my doctor said he got it all and it was not cancerous and feels it may not return but there’s always a chance. I have been such a fighter through this and found strength I didn’t even know I had I have that Little fear in the back of my mind of knowing it might come back and it may not be benign this time.

I now have to have constant MRIs to check on me that’s a part of my life now. I have to take each day at a time for the rest my life, But iat least I have a life now to look forward to a second chance a new birthday! I pray that my experience and story might courage someone else that has been diagnosed with a brain tumor whether it be cancerous or not it’s still A terrible thing to have to deal with the rest of my life. Just know my friend you’re never alone this up on my strength in God my husband my family and my friends. May God bless you!

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