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Survival Was My Only Option

Published on August 12, 2014 in Share Your Story

Survival Was My Only Option


I’ve heard stories of amazing feats performed by ordinary people in times of crisis, with adrenaline playing a huge part. My adrenaline came in the form of positive mental energy. I was 24 when diagnosed with a hypathalmic germinoma. While I had experienced symptoms for over 1 1/2 years, the time between diagnosis and treatment was very short. So much going on, so much information going in and out my ears. And the time to mourn for myself was not available. I began my 5 1/2 week hospital stay with the goal of beating the cancer in my brain. Even during the height of chemotherapy (2 1/2 months worth), when I weighed 145 lbs, I still kept my focus on healing. And 7 months later when radiation was finished, and the most recent MRI was clear, I then began my mental / emotional healing.

I am still healing, 11 years later. And with the help of people I’ve met through the NBTS and Portland Brain Tumor Walks, I am taking more control of my situation. Knowledge is power folks!! I am alive, I am healthy (for the most part – endocrine system issues from tumor), and I am living / experiencing life. I want to make a difference by helping others live life and stay healthy. Thanks in advance for reading my succinct (very succinct) story. Peace!

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