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Published on July 1, 2015 in Share Your Story



Hi, my name is Sue. I had gotten headaches in 2004 and was checked out a lot. Life went on, left home in 2006 for another better paying job in NC. Had eyes checked nothing found, BP was sky high. In 2008 was working at two hospitals in another state, still BP high, took meds, helped some.

In December, everything got worse. Lost one job due to going to sleep at the desk, speech slurred, thoughts not equal with what I was saying, dragging right leg, most signs and symptoms equal to stroke BUT sorry to say all was ignored by physicians and nurses I worked with.

Called family who came and got me over a weekend, went to doctor who thought I had flipped my lid and was working on having me committed on a Monday. Got up Tuesday, was taking a shower, passed out in the shower, had seizures. Getting me out of the shower is a funny story all by itself. Was taken to nearby hospital, I really don’t remember much for the rest of that week, only bits and pieces and what family told me I said or did.

Anyway, I had a 5 cm benign meningoma removed by a wonderful MD who still tells me the only reason I do as well as I do is because I’m left-handed and lots of prayers.

It’s just a daily thing whether it’s going to be a good day or a bad one. You can’t go to work and feel like your helping, you’re not hired either for fear of you possibly harming someone. Numerous problems ranging from high to low. But, I’m still very much alive and just deal with the things in life as they occur.

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