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Survivor of Astrocytoma – Grade 3

Published on May 22, 2018 in Share Your Story

I would like to share the amazing story of my life, in 2005, I had a brain tumor operation and the histopathology report confirmed that it’s a malignant tumor, the treating doctor asked me to start Radiotherapy within three weeks and followed by Chemo cycle. The entire family is shocked. My wife is so young unable to bear the message, my daughter was 7 years old. I did not take her to the Hospital due to many of them were looking her at a pity.

The biggest challenge is raising funds for taking the treatment. I still remember, most of them told me, my life is going to be only for six months. One end, I was thinking why to spend lakhs of rupees for treatment, on the other side my family members are pushing me to start the treatment. it was a painful event to balance the both.

I had a tough time to go to a hospital alternative days for Radiotherapy sessions. On the other hand, the cost of the medicines and treatment. Those days were the nightmare in my life.

From my college days, I use to take my life as it comes, never regret negative or positive events. I considered my sickness is also same.

The Radiotherapy and Chemo sessions went on well but the challenge is I lost my hair and physical look which is tough to face. The world is looking at you as a cancer patient and thinking that your survival is for less number of days.

The next biggest challenge is funding for high-cost medicines and follows up MRI’s and doctor fees. It’s not easy for a middle-class family. In my first MRI test, there is no much progress on the tumor. Again Panic button started. I consoled my family members not to worry. The MRI tests were abnormal for three years, my family members were asked me to take an alternative medicine which I started to improve my health. There is an improvement on my headache but not complete relief.
The side effects of chemo/Neuro and other medicines spoiled my stomach. Am unable to eat foods in regular interval. The digestion is a challenge.

There is the sudden shift in my life. I started moving towards a spiritual path to keep my mind cool. I started listening lectures on life, the difference between Atma and material body, the purpose of life and other nuances. during the process, I learned to live in the present moment, not for the future or past.

The long story short when the shift has happened, my entire outlook of has been changed. I will advise all our friends to live in the present. You see amazing results.

Opinions expressed within this story belong solely to the author and do not reflect the views or opinions of the National Brain Tumor Society.

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