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Tanycytic Ependymoma

Published on May 20, 2019 in Share Your Story

I was diagnosed with a brain tumor last September and had surgery to have it removed on October 12th at Duke University. Upon removal was diagnosed as a rare tumor, a Tanycytic Ependymoma. It was a Stage 2 Tumor. I had NO pain after the surgery, although I did have double vision for about 3 weeks and was very unsteady on my feet for a few weeks. Physical Therapy helped with the balance, and the double vision went away. Dr. Ali Zomorodi performed the surgery, and I feel he did a great job. I went back to work in 6 weeks and was driving after 4. I didn’t require radiation or chemotherapy. I still have some balance issues, but I’m able to play ball with my son and take hikes with my girlfriend. I am very blessed!

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