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THANK YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Published on August 6, 2018 in Share Your Story

July 21, 2017

In Jan. 1989 I was diagnosed with a brain tumor, I was given 3 months to live.
This is my story:

Around 1987 my simptums began occurring. I still remember them. Every time I would get up from a sitting or lying position, I would get a head rush, also a pounding sensation in the back of my head and I would also see nothing but white. They would last about 5 or 6 seconds. I went to variety of doctors for a period of about two years but know one could find the problem. Well, I just so happen to be wearing contacts at the time. So what your probably thinking. Well that may be what helped saved my life. You see, I went to the eye Dr for a check up, well, when the doctor looked into my eyes, he noticed my optic nerve was swollen, and basically that is how it was found!

The next day I went take an MRI in New Orleans, with some family members. It felt like I was stuck in a ditch pipe for two hours with loud clanging noises, BTW, I HATE taken MRI’s. Anyway, after the MRI was over, me and one of my brothers went make a phone call, and that is when I found out I had a BRAIN TUMOR ! We drove from New Orleans to Houma where a they were waiting for me, I had emergency surgery that night.

The Dr did a very good job but could not remove all of the tumor (IT WAS ON MY BRAIN STEM). By messing with it, they could have parallelized me, so it was left alone. I stayed in the hospital for a week or 2 after the surgery. I was then flown to HOUSTON to get radiation treatments at MD Anderson. Twice a day for 8 weeks. I took the most radiation a human is allowed to take. I then went home. After reviewing the results from the MRI AFTER I took the radiation, my DR thought I should have a second surgery to try and remove the tumor that remained on my BRAIN stem, ( the radiation made it swell), so the Dr. figured, it could be removed, however he did not want to do the surgery because it was a long procedure and thought MD Anderson would be a better place to have the surgery done. The surgery was preformed, and some of the remaining tumor was removed but not ALL ! After another stay in the hospital after the second surgery, I came back home.

The Dr at home looked over the results and told me that there is nothing more they could do for me. He said to go home and live the rest of your life! Well after hearing that news, I figured I was gonna die. I had kinda got a lil closer to GOD during that time. I was also going for a monthly MRI to see what the remaining tumor was doing. It was not shrinking or growing. OK, this where it gets strange. One night I was watching the 700 club. I also remember my feet were hurting and I was thinking the old phrase ( MY DOGS ARE BARKING) . Well the guy on TV said ( there is someone out there talking about dogs barking, well, GOD is healing your head ! I really did not think much of it at the time. About a week or so later , I went for an MRI check up. The remaining tumor was gone!!!!! Take it like you want, but it is pretty amazing. I am not a holy roller but I do believee in GOD! The tumor was a glioblastoma, stage 4 .

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