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The 15 Year Misdiagnosis

Published on November 5, 2014 in Share Your Story

The 15 Year Misdiagnosis


I still remember the first time – one day when I was 15, I had my first aura / scintillating scotoma. I panicked but after eventually getting to the doctor I was told not to worry, the initial MRI showed nothing. It eventually got worse, and I was put on medication (Topamax eventually), and had migraines, with auras, mostly without headaches for years.

Finally, in early 2012, they progressively got to the point where I started losing my peripheral vision. I saw an eye doctor (Dr. Klemens – life saver), and he had me get another MRI. It showed a mass, and I was rushed to the hospital.

Two days later, June 15 I had surgery to remove the tumor from my occipital lobe, which turned out to be a benign ganglioglioma. I have made mostly a full recovery, but am changed forever, and will never forget my eye doctor, brain surgeon, and all the people that got me through it. I just want people to know that there is hope out there. Don’t give up :).

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