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The Brain Tumor

Published on January 13, 2019 in Share Your Story

I was diagnosed with a brain tumor 10 yrs ago. I was told by 5 doctors that because it was a meningioma, it would never be a problem. This is not true. It started growing at a rapid pace. It got so big it popped into the brain causing brain swelling. They did gamma knife radiation-causing horror headaches. To help the welling and headaches they put me on strong steroids. I gained 60 lbs and the tumor was still growing. I finally found a wonderful doctor–Dr. Duma–he said I can take this out. The tumor was in the part of the brain that controlled eye sight. At one point I lost the vision in the left eye for 2 months. There are a lot of things to tell about this brain tumor- plus the tumor and medications destroyed my muscles. I was in a wheelchair for a yr. The brain tumor about killed me.. I was very depressed for a long time, really wanted to die. Had a lot pf therapy. It was benign, I was very blessed. After 2 yrs I am 100% better still struggle with walking and have some eye problems, but nothing I cannot live with. The steroids destroyed my skin, I have what they call steroid skin–lots of wrinkles. Overall it could have been worse; however I could have lived without this experience.

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