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The Headache That Changed My Life, and How I Discovered I Was Truly Blessed

Published on August 12, 2014 in Share Your Story

The Headache That Changed My Life, and How I Discovered I Was Truly Blessed


One Friday 5 years ago I had a headache so bad that I had to lay down. The pressure was immense and I had never felt that way. Over the weekend the headache continued until Monday, I could not take it no longer so I went to see my primary doctor. As a precaution he sent me for an MRI. On Tuesday I discovered I had a Brain Tumor. I was blown away. I was referred to an neurosurgeon who quickly discovered the pain and pressure was due to hydrocephalus and the tumor was described to me as a Pineal region brain tumor. Emergency surgery was performed to install a shunt to relieve the pressure, shortly after I was scheduled for surgery to try and extract the tumor. Up to this point it was not known that the tumor was malignant, but shortly after the surgeon arrived at the tumor site, he made his dreadful determination. He was only able to remove a portion of the tumor, so the surgery was somewhat successful. 33 radiation treatments later I was sent home for recovery. Recovery went well for a couple of years but during a followup MRI, the tumor site showed activity. A second surgery was not recommended, so I went back for radiation. A short but intense treatment of radiation was administered and I was sent home again to recuperate. Unfortunately the radiation left me almost totally incapacitated and I spent 5 months bouncing back and forth from Hospitals to emergency rooms and nursing homes. I’m home now trying to recuperate again. It’s a tough life, but one that made me realize, how truly Blessed I Am. Going through sickness is bad enough, but doing it alone would have been the end of me. My “Mother” is my blessing; God knowing that I would have to travel this road gave me a superhuman, love machine called MOM (Lillie). She has been there with me, alongside me and caring for me to this day, every minute, every hour. Could I have ever realized her strength, her spirit, her faith if I had not been given this road to travel, probably not. So I say Thank you to God for giving me the finest gift and truly showing me how Blessed I Am. I truly wish and pray, that all of you who have been given this road to travel, can also find your hidden blessings (Your Family and Friends).

God Bless You All. Tonya.

Oh, my Dad wrote this, I guess he’s ok too.

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