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Thriving and Surviving

Published on April 10, 2019 in Share Your Story

As of April 2018 I had no major health issues. Considered very healthy. All of the sudden I was walking to the bathroom and down I go full grand mal seizure, loss of consciousness. I wake up scared hearing sirens and asked where I was and why? I was in an ambulance headed to the hospital. Get checked in and a Dr. said ” We can’t help you here” I then go up to OHSU get checked in and then slept. Woke up to a Neurosurgeon explaining how I needed to have a brain operation. I am still confused as to why, when and why again. May 25th 2018 I went in for my craniotomy still not sure why.

A week goes by I get a phone call saying I have Glioblastoma and needed to see an Radiologist and Oncologist. I had no idea I had cancer still. My best friend calls me crying as she spoke with the Neurosurgeon and he explained to her in detail that I have terminal stage 4 brain cancer. It still did not hit me what I was about to go through.

June 2018 fluid started randomly coming out of my right ear, and nose. and massive headache and vomiting. Called my best friend asked her to take me to hospital. I get there it was determined I needed another brain surgery as I had a CSF Leak and meningitis.
Fast forward to today. Completed radiation, still on Chemo and thriving. I will not give up until I can not go! I will fight and help to come up with a cure.

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