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Published on July 26, 2021 in Share Your Story

June 2018, he just wasn’t himself. His actions became dangerous. When he was driving dangerously he was staring into space or talking to himself.

In July we had to trick him to get him to the ER but we didn’t expect stage 4 GBM. The moment his tumor was discovered is etched in my brain forever and I wish we wouldn’t have tricked him into an ER trip. It was the worst news anyone could get.

For the next 14 months my dad died slowly and miserably while my mom did everything in her power to comfort him. He died September 2019, just 5 days after his 64th birthday.

My tumor was discovered just 5 months later. It was too soon. Thank God mine was a stage 1 menengioma! I’m 15 months post-craniotomy. Side effects are almost nonexistent because of the exceptional care that I received. I wish my dad would have been here to help me through it, though.


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