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How a tumor changed an entire family

Published on June 6, 2017 in Share Your Story

Hi this story is about my young cousin at age 21 yrs he was diagnosed with brain tumor. In the late 2017 he did surgery. Early June of 2018 he had a seizure. Then while doing test they realised that his tumor had grown back. He is currently doing chemotherapy and radiatherapy. While doing the treatmeants he kept having seizures and he has lost the mobility to walk ,talk and even see. Now we have learned that it is no longer a tumor but brain cancer. It has taken a big toll on our family knowing he is so young and now starting to enjoy his life As he was always vibrant, loving n willing to help others. Seeing him in this condition has also affected my family knowing that they grew up with him. It has been hard for them. While going through your site i have learnt more knowledge about brain cancer and i thank for allowing me to share my story.

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