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Two Kids with Brain Tumors

Published on August 12, 2014 in Share Your Story

Two Kids with Brain Tumors

Nomara I.

Hi my two grandsons have been diagnosed with brain tumors. My 8-year-old grandson, Pablo, have a neuroblastoma craneocaudal and my 7-year-old, Paola, have a aragnoid cyst. At this time we are in process here in Puerto Rico to claim aid, the kid have the diagnosis of brain tumors, but no treatment at all. We ask to the doctors to refer them to the Miami Children’s Hospital, they just did it but there is an economic issue to get the treatment, we also ask to referred the to the St. Judge but they do not done yet. We need help……The family have economic hardship but we are doing activities to search funds. Protocols in Puerto Rico are very slow and the kids pediatrician say that there is no time to lose. Incredibly the Medic Aid in Puerto Rico leave the child with out the catastrophic coverage……. NEED HELP! PLEASE

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